New Confirmation Page Prior To P2P Payment Send Added

You asked, and once again we listened and delivered!

This time you’ll notice the difference when you next attempt to send a P2P (Peer-to-peer) payment through your Paxum account.

Instead of the transfer immediately being processed, you will now be directed to an additional page to confirm the information you provided is correct. You will see the email address where you plan to send the money, and the amount and currency you wish to send. If everything looks as it should, then you simply click OK to send the payment. If it isn’t accurate, or for some reason you changed your mind, then you can click CANCEL and the transaction will not be sent.

Please note: If you do not click OK and simply close the window, then the payment will NOT be sent.

We hope this additional confirmation page will suit your needs and provide an even better user experience to all our clients.

We are always keen to hear your suggestions, feedback and thoughts about our service. We try to implement as many suggestions as possible in as timely a manner as we can. Please keep those suggestions flowing to us and share your comments below!