Study Says Real-Time Payments Can Strengthen Loyalty

Real Time Payments

A recent study by FIS (NYSE: FIS – Fidelity National Information Services) has revealed some interesting responses from customers when asked about Real-Time Payments.

According to the study, conducted by global market research provider Ipsos Vantis on behalf of FIS;

“…real-time payments resonate with consumers and that the immediate availability of funds is very important, both from a sender and a receiver perspective…”

In fact;

80 percent of overseas money transfer users believe it’s important for their recipients to be able to use the money they send to them immediately”

It’s little wonder that a large percentage of people prefer to receive their payments instantly in real-time. In today’s society the global workforce has changed traditional employment. There are considerably more freelance workers located around the world offering their services to companies and individuals on an international basis than ever before.

Regardless of nationality, most people prefer to be paid without delays.

A definitely note-worthy point from this study is that real-time payments can strengthen loyalty, making the money transfer process much more preferable and convenient, particularly for International and independent workers.

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