Paxum To Match Donations For Pineapple Support

A year ago shock waves rippled through the adult industry when news spread that beautiful and talented adult performer August Ames had tragically taken her own life as a result of mental illness. The distressing news came quickly after several other adult performer suicides and made a huge impact on the adult industry. Many performers expressed shock, confusion and grief. Some offered themselves to their colleagues for support and comfort should they find themselves in a similar position.

For one performer in particular though, Leya Tanit, the news of so many performer suicides in just a few short months compelled her to take urgent action to create a positive change for performers mental health worldwide. Through pure determination and dedication coupled with valuable industry support just a few months later Leya’s idea is already a concrete reality with her charity Pineapple Support; a registered non-profit organization dedicated to provide 24/7 mental health support for all industry performers, with no discrimination, judgment or stigma attached.

When the Winter Holiday season approaches many of us find the shortened days and colder temperatures can contribute to increased feelings of negativity, loneliness, anxiety and depression. For some people suicidal thoughts can push through more prominently during winter; more than in any other season. As human beings it’s important to provide support to our fellow human beings when we can.

Preferred payment method for adult industry performers Paxum wholeheartedly backs Pineapple Support and their goal to offer support for all performers of the adult industry. To provide these services takes funding though, and that’s why Paxum will be matching donations to Pineapple Support during December and January up to $2,000 USD when sent through Paxum.

“We invite you to join us to help make a difference for all performers in the adult industry.” said Paxum’s Ruth Blair. “Every donation counts, whether you donate $1, $5, $10, or $100 Paxum will match you!”

Every penny will go to Pineapple Support. As a registered non-profit organization Pineapple Support can use Paxum services completely free.

“Providing this much needed service to the adult industry through Pineapple Support is something I feel extremely passionate about and with companies such as Paxum not only sharing this passion but generously offering their support we are able to offer therapy, counselling and emotional support to the many who often could otherwise fall through the cracks.” said Leya Tanit, Pineapple Support’s founder.

To donate, simply send your donation via Paxum to and Paxum will match donations up to $2,000 USD.