Paxum – The Right Choice For Global Payouts

In the last couple of years, and on a global scale, many peoples priorities and needs have changed. A considerable number of people have switched to working remotely and/or online, and with that transformation comes the need to use a flexible, secure, and user-friendly method of payment that also has global reach.

For businesses seeking to hire remote employees, freelancers or contractors from around the world, it’s really important to make sure you have a robust payment method that can easily and quickly facilitate payments to everyone you need to pay, no matter where they live.

Getting paid on time and without any fuss is usually the number one priority for pretty much everyone, everywhere.

Paxum has been serving global payments on behalf of both businesses and individuals for more than a decade with diverse ways for clients to access and withdraw their account funds. From Wires to External Card Loads to the Paxum Prepaid Card, one of the more popular options has been the Local Bank Transfer method, previously known as EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer).

The Local Bank Transfer method has a low fee structure with generous limits and speedy bank delivery within 1-3 business days. This feature has been a recent focus for Paxum with a significant increase in the number of countries and currencies supported. Currently there are 65 countries listed with 31 different currencies available for Local Bank Transfer inside the interface.

Login today to check if your region is one of the many recently added to the list of supported countries for Local Bank Transfer. Learn more in the Payment section of your Paxum account interface.

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