Paxum Security Features Tutorial List

Sending and receiving funds online can be a little scary for some people. Common concerns involve getting hacked, having unauthorized transactions placed through your account, and having your personal information changed, among others.

Here at Paxum, security is our number one priority and that is why we have provided multiple optional security features so all Paxum clients can enjoy the strongest and securest account protection possible.

To help you explore our security features in more detail we’ve created some instructional guide tutorials that will show you exactly what you can do and how to do it!

Below is a list of Security Tutorials available here on the Paxum Blog. We hope you find the information helpful!

A Guide To Transaction Approval Codes

How To Set Up Login Protection

How To Set Up Access By IP

How To View Your Last Login IPs

How To Use Risk Level Settings

How To Use Reputation Level Settings

How To Set Up A Payout Whitelist