Paxum – EFT Withdrawal For AUD (Australian Dollar) and GBP (British Pound) Currency Now Available

Paxum Inc is happy to announce the activation of EFT Withdrawal for clients with bank accounts in AUD and GBP. Verified Paxum clients with bank accounts in Australia and Great Britain can now initiate EFT Withdrawals from their Paxum account to their local Australian or British bank account.

EFT Withdrawals are typically received to the specified bank account within 1-2 business days of submitting the request. The fee for EFT withdrawal is $5 USD flat fee per transfer. There is a $3,000 USD per transaction limit for GBP currency, and a $1,500 USD per transaction limit for AUD currency.

Clients can request an EFT Withdrawal from their Paxum currency account directly, and approved Paxum Business account-holders may also issue EFT to 3rd parties in both GBP and AUD currencies.

The addition of EFT Withdrawal for clients with AUD or GBP bank accounts is part of a series of planned additions to further expand Paxum withdrawal options over the next few months. Stay tuned for more updates from Paxum coming soon!

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