Paxum Announces Summer Long Promo; No Point Of Sale Fees!

Paxum Inc has announced a summer long special promotion.

From now until September 1st 2014, all verified Paxum clients with a Paxum Payroll card will enjoy No Point Of Sale (POS) fees.

“During the spring and summer months people start to go out and do more, and as a result, the desire to make on-the-spot purchases generally increases.” said Ruth Blair, Business Development Manager for Paxum Inc. “We hope our summer-long promotion will make things easier for our clients to make these on-the-spot purchases and enjoy their summer activities even more. If you don’t already have a Paxum Payroll card, now is the perfect time to order one”

The Paxum POS free fee promotion will be in effect from April 28th 2014 until September 1st 2014. Paxum clients with Paxum Payroll cards do not need to do anything as the POS free fee promotion is automatically applied system-wide.

Paxum clients with a Paxum Payroll card will be able to make purchases at retail locations, online stores, and everywhere, without being charged the regular $1 USD POS fee!

This is fantastic news!

Just imagine…

…enjoying a delicious ice-cream sundae to melt away the heat of summer, and you can charge it to your Paxum Payroll card, POS fee free!


…iced-lattes can be a make or break summer treat. This summer, pay for this fine goodness with your Paxum Payroll card and enjoy icy relief, POS fee-free!


…feel like taking the kids to a local theme park or water park to burn off some of their excess energy? Pay for everything with your Paxum Payroll card, POS FEE FREE!


Use your Paxum Payroll card this summer to do all the things you want, and purchase all the things you love, POS fee free!


All Verified Paxum clients can request a Paxum Payroll card. If you need any assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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