Paxum Stands With Ukraine!

It does not matter whether you are a Ukrainian, Russian, Colombian, Romanian, or any other nationality of a model, Paxum will be there for you.

Unfortunately, Ukrainian models are currently going through a crisis, and everybody should do their part to help, including us.

Therefore, we would like to extend an open offer to the Webcam and Adult Videochat Community in Ukraine; including those models and performers who do not use Paxum as a payment method. We are all human beings, and we should help regardless of who you do business with.

If you work in the Webcam/Videochat Community and you are struggling to escape Ukraine; if you don’t have the financial means to sustain yourself, and if you are no longer safe at home and you’re heading west across the border to Romania, then please contact us NOW!!

We will provide FREE transportation from the major border cities with Ukraine in Romania, plus we will provide FREE Hotel Accommodations in Romania for Webcam Industry performers and models that truly need assistance and do not have their own financial means to sustain the expense.

Contact us at +40744778005 or by email at ANY TIME to arrange a pickup time and location!

While we wish we could help everyone, unfortunately, this offer must be restricted to help only those who do not have the financial means to be safe and exclusively to the industry that we have always supported and considered an extension of our family; the Webcam and Adult Videochat Community.

If you need help, please contact us right now!


Paxum the award-winning payment company providing a cost-effective & user-friendly interface stands with Ukraine! Please share our message with your friends and contacts so it reaches the people in need of help. Let’s all do our part to help the industry and the human beings behind it!