Paxum Introduces New Escrow Transfer Payment Option

Paxum Inc is pleased to announce the introduction of a brand new Escrow Transfer feature to their popular global ewallet payment service.  Paxum Escrow Transfers enable users to initiate payment that must be approved by both the Buyer and the Seller before the funds are released.

“Our new Escrow Transfer feature offers Paxum clients increased security and flexibility for payment management.” said Business Development Manager, Ruth Blair.  “Escrow Transfers provide clients with the option to issue a payment that can be held for a specified period of time before it is released with the approval of both the sender and the recipient. In addition, once released, the funds can be withdrawn to one or multiple Paxum accounts.”

Payments initiated via Paxum Escrow Transfer are placed in suspended status during a buyer-defined period of time until both the BUYER (issuer of the payment) and the SELLER (recipient of the payment) have approved the payment.

Escrow Transfers can be initiated by any verified Paxum client, both business and personal account-holders. For clients that receive payments they distribute to others, the Escrow Transfer option allows direct distribution, through either individual or bulk payments, of the incoming funds to other Paxum account-holders.

In keeping with Paxum’s well-known slogan “Pay With Ease”, Paxum Escrow Transfers are simple to complete, and cost exactly the same to send as regular Paxum P2P transfers. Escrow Transfers are available to all verified Paxum users. This option is located in the Transfer Funds section of the Paxum user interface.

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