New Paxum Blog Under Way

We’re excited to be switching to a new domain and a new format for the Paxum Blog. We look forward to bringing you all the latest Paxum news, as well as related stories, articles, features, and links that we think will provide benefit and interest to our clients.

Stay tuned as we add pages, features and feel free to share your comments with us every step of the way!


3 Replies to “New Paxum Blog Under Way”

  1. If Paxum based in Quebec , why they would ask me to send them translation of my documents written in French and Arabic ?!

    1. Paxum can only accept documents in Latin characters. Since you state that some of your documentation is in Arabic, that would be why we request a notarized translation. We do not require a notarized translation for your French documentation, unless they contain Arabic as well.

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