Paxum believes in the implementation of strong security measures, and multiple optional security features to provide a secure platform for international money transfers. When you’re sending money or receiving money, you want to know that your account is safe and secure. Here’s what we do at Paxum;

Transaction Approval Codes

When you confirm your Paxum account you will receive an automatic email that provides you with your Paxum Transaction Approval Codes. These codes are requested every time you wish to make a transaction or change within your Paxum account. It is an optional feature (default setting: enabled) to help prevent unauthorized transactions through your account. If you lose your codes you can easily request new ones be sent to your verified email address. The Transaction Approval Codes can also be easily disabled within your Paxum account control panel.

Login Protection

Login Protection allows you to upload a unique image from your computer that will display every single time you try to log in to from the same computer used to upload the image. If you’re using that computer and the image doesn’t display then you know you are NOT on This feature is used for enhanced protection against Phishing attempts. You can easily enable or disable this optional feature.

Access by IP

If you plan to access your Paxum account from a static IP then Access by IP is another security enhancement you may wish to enable. Restrict access to the IP you specify, and even if a login is attempted with the correct login information, if the IP address does not match, then the login will fail. This provides additional protection against hacking and unauthorized use of your account. You can easily enable or disable this optional feature.

Client Risk Rating

The Customer Risk Rating is comprised from a variety of factors used to determine an appropriate ‘risk factor’ for each individual Paxum client. These figures are NEVER published, however each Paxum client has the ability to specify who they will do business with by specifying a “Risk” bracket within their account. Risk Ratings are listed from 1 to 5, with 1 being ‘Very Low Risk’ and 5 being ‘Very High Risk’. If you want to be able to send payments to EVERYONE regardless of their Risk Rating then you need to set your Risk Level to 5.  You can locate and adjust the rating you accept inside your Paxum account control panel under Security >>> Risk Level

Payout Blacklist

Every Paxum client can add unlimited email addresses to their account. When you don’t want to do business with someone through Paxum, the Paxum Payout Blacklist guarantees that, no matter how many email addresses the person has on file, you can block them all by adding just one of their email addresses. This provides secure account management to every client.

Payout Whitelist

Client Risk Ratings can sometimes inadvertently block payments to people you wish to do business with. When that occurs, you can use the Paxum Payout Whitelist to add their email address to your safe list, ensuring any payments to that email address (or any other emails added for that account) will automatically go through. This allows you to fully utilize our other security features without interruption to your business.

Extended Validation SSL Certificate

When you visit you can confirm you are on the correct site by viewing the GREEN Address bar showing the Extended Validation SSL. This Security Certificate is the highest encryption available. It’s validity proves that you are definitely on the Paxum site, so you can easily avoid Phishing attempts. Just click the certificate in the address bar to verify.