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“Our clients love Paxum and so do we! It’s easy and works well.”

Jay Tiger, Founder & CEO,


“AEBN is pleased to offer Paxum as an alternative payment method. We are very happy with the service so far!”

Jerry Anders, AEBN


“The Staff at Paxum are courteous and are speedy when we have any questions. Paxum is our top payment preference from our affiliates. The Paxum interface is clear and easy to use; we are very happy to provide Paxum to our affiliates!”

Daniel Pacheco, Fleshlight


“We use Paxum to pay our affiliates. Great service, fast and easy to setup and use, we highly recommend it!”

Jeff Dillon, Gamelink


“Over the last year we have seen a lot of webmasters change their billing method into Paxum. At the moment it is our biggest payment option, and we are very happy with the service they provide to us. The system works great, and we have never had an issue with Paxum. Keep up the good work!”

Dennis Koning, Sales Dir. Payserve


“Paxum is the best place to Send and Receive money. Quick and easy!”



“Paxum is currently the best alternative method we have for paying our affiliates; on time, every time!”

AJ – Loaded Cash


“Paxum offers Topbucks affiliates a convenient and secure payment alternative and they have a stellar reputation for high standards and responsiveness among webmasters and program owners alike.”

Shelby Mowrey, CFO, Topbucks


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