When you need to send a large volume of payments to a variety of people and companies in different parts of the world, you usually require a significant amount of time and resources to ensure everyone is paid on time.

Sending wires and checks have always been the most traditional forms of payment used in business, however with the latest advancements in alternative payment technology, businesses have an even greater number of options when it comes to sending payments to their employees, affiliates, publishers, advertisers and everyone else in the payment chain.

One File – One Upload – All Payments Sent

Paxum is a global ewallet payment service. We offer businesses the ability to send instant bulk payments anywhere in the world, with just an email address. This means you can simply upload one single file to your Paxum Business Account, click submit and every ingle one of your payments are sent and delivered instantly to your payees, no matter where they are located in the world!

Paxum also provides a Customizable API & IPN feature for bulk payments, facilitating companies with the ability to connect directly from their internal database to the Paxum database for direct server-to-server communication.

No Wire Delays – No More Waiting For The Mail To Arrive!

One of the greatest benefits for businesses who use Paxum’s instant payment service, is the satisfaction provided to their employees, affiliates, publishers, advertisers, and everyone in the payment chain.

As a result of instant payment delivery, everyone you pay receives their payment on time, and without any deductions. (Paxum NEVER charges account-holders to receive money through Paxum P2P payments). The people you pay are highly important to your company’s ability to continue providing excellent service and encourage company growth, so having a fast payment service in place is a very business-healthy choice.

Streamlining your payments is easy with Paxum, and signing up for your Paxum Business Account is completely free, and takes about 10 minutes of your time!

If you found this information useful, why not take a look at the Paxum Business Presentation PDF for more! 🙂