The Paxum Card is very simple to use, with minimal fees in place. The Paxum Card is embossed with your name, expiration date, and there is also a CVV2 on the back of the card.

Card Activation

When you receive your Paxum Card you will also receive a page of instructions on how to activate your card. Follow the instructions carefully, and make sure to change your PIN immediately after activation.

ATM Withdrawals

You can withdraw funds from your Paxum Card at any ATM that displays the Card logo. There is a $2USD fee per withdrawal, and there is a $2,500USD daily limit.

POS (Point of Sale) Purchases

You can make purchases with your Paxum Card wherever you see the Card logo, except in gambling establishments for gambling purposes (ie: you cannot use your Paxum Card to place a bet or to pay your casino tab, etc). There is a $1USD fee per transaction, and there is a $2,500USD daily limit.

Daily Transactions

You are allowed 10 POS transactions and 10 ATM transactions per day with your Paxum Card. Each day is calculated as a 24 hour period after the last transaction. (ie: if you make a purchase on your Paxum Card at 11:34pm on Monday that reaches your daily withdrawal limit, then your limit will reset 24 hours later, at 11:34pm on Tuesday.)

If You Forget Your PIN

If you forget your PIN do NOT try various combinations at the ATM. After 5 unsuccessful attempts to access your PIN, your Paxum Card will be automatically blocked by Paxum’s card provider. Some ATM locations may also choose to retain your card in such circumstances.

Should you lose your PIN with a Paxum Card, it is wiser to simply login to your Paxum account and create a new PIN from within your account control panel. You don’t need to remember your old PIN in order to create a new one inside your account.

If You Lose Your Card

Get in touch with us immediately so that your card can be cancelled. In such situations we strongly advise you login to your Paxum Account Control Panel and immediately transfer all funds from your Paxum Card back to your Paxum Checking account. This is a great way to protect account funds from unauthorized spending or withdrawal.