When you receive funds to your Paxum Checking Account you have multiple withdrawal options; Wire, Check, EFT, to an already existing credit/debit card, and to the Paxum Card.  Many clients also use their Paxum Checking funds to send Instant P2P payments to other Paxum Account Holders for goods and services such as hosting, traffic, domains, etc.

With the Paxum Card you gain instant access to your funds anywhere in the world, and remember since transfers to the Paxum Card are all INSTANT, you don’t have to wait at all to put that cash in your hands!

On this page we will provide you with an instructional tutorial accompanied by screenshots to show you how to easily transfer funds instantly to your Paxum Card.


To transfer funds to your Paxum Card you first need to login to your Paxum account:


After you have successfully logged in to your Paxum ewallet account you then click the TRANSFER FUNDS link in the top menu bar of your account control panel. Once you click TRANSFER FUNDS you will be presented with a page that provides two options; Between Your Accounts and To Another Paxum Account Holder:

paxum-transfer-between-accounts-1To send funds to your Paxum Card click BETWEEN YOUR ACCOUNTS.

A new page will load:


On this page you will see the fields

From Account, To Account, Amount, Transfer Frequency, and Coupon (optional)

By default both From and To Account fields are pre-filled with Checking USD.


To transfer funds to your Paxum Card you must first select the CHECKING USD account in the From Account field as Paxum Card’s are currently only available in the default USD currency.

NB – As stated earlier, the From Account field should be pre-selected with Checking USD for your convenience


In the next field To Account you need to select CREDIT CARD USD from the drop-down menu.

Once the correct From and To accounts have been selected you now need to input the AMOUNT (in USD) that you wish to transfer to your Paxum Card.

When inputting the amount to transfer to your Paxum Card it is important to allow for the transfer fee
$0.25 USD for Personal Account-Holders and
$1 USD for Business Account-Holders

Next in line is TRANSFER FREQUENCY. This is a useful option if you wish to schedule regular transfers of the same amount to your Paxum Card.

From the drop-down menu you can select one of multiple options.

Once, Every Week, Every Two Weeks, Every Month, Every Three Months, Every Six Months, or Annually.

By default “ONCE” is pre-filled in this field.


Once you’ve selected the From Account, To Account, inputted the Amount to transfer and selected the Transfer Frequency (if applicable) then the final field is titled COUPON (Optional). If you have received a coupon from someone at Paxum that provides free transfers to your Paxum Card, then this is the field where you can input that coupon code.

Please note: if you have Transaction Approval Codes ENABLED for your account then you will also be requested to provide a specific code from the Approval Code Table in order to finalize the transaction.

Click here to learn more information about Transaction Approval Codes

Now all you need to do is click the blue TRANSFER button in the bottom right corner and the funds will be instantly transferred to your Paxum Card. Those funds are immediately available for use through either ATM withdrawals or POS (point of sale) purchases at stores or online.

We hope this instructional tutorial accompanied by screenshots has assisted you in your efforts to instantly transfer funds from your Paxum Checking account to your Paxum Card!